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Now that you've explained who you are, go ahead and say a little more about
what you do. Do you sell any products or services? Maybe you have some
industry-specific information to convey.
  • Our products are great quality and long lasting
  • We've been in business for over 15 years
  • Call 215-881-5830 to place your order has existed for over 15 years. We specialize in custom made overgarments
for muslim women. Our garments are quality, creative, unique and different.  We make sure that
the crafmanship is perfect each and everytime. However when you purchase a garment from
us  you are getting top quality for a nice price. You may turn our garments inside out and you
will love it either way. So contact us if you are tired of getting garments that don't fit and that
are lacking quality. You can provide your own fabric or we can supply the fabric. Call
215-881-5830 to place your order.